La troisième Oreille « La fête à Danval »


Marc Danval, a key figure in radio, the jazz scene, a writer, poet, lecturer, collector, jazz, and gastronomy chronicler… celebrates his 60 years in radio and the 30th anniversary of his show « La troisième Oreille » (The Third Ear) this Saturday. To mark this exceptional longevity, Marc and his many accomplices are the guests of a special show presented by Alexandra Vassen, this Saturday, December 7, 2019, from 2 PM to 4 PM live on La Première and in public from L’Archiduc in Brussels. Among his guests: Charles Loos, Le grand Jojo, Xavier Canonne (Museum of Photography in Charleroi), Gilles Ledure (Flagey), Fred Jannin, Walid, Charlotte Dekoker, and many others.