Nicolas Ker feat Arielle Dombasle


Nicolas Ker’s War over Brussels on February 6th: Romanticism will never exhaust romanticism. With the special participation of Arielle Dombasle.

To leave a memorable impression on the audience, a concert must be a unique moment. This Monday, June 5th, Nicolas Ker, a zany musician, will perform at L’Archiduc in Brussels. As a guest star, Arielle Dombasle, for whom he wrote and composed the album « La Rivière Atlantique » in 2016.

Nicolas Ker’s reputation precedes him: unmanageable, funny, brilliant, unbearable, the one known as the singer of Poni Hoax is not the type to play it easy. King of the uncontrolled skid, the musician usually goes in all directions, except the right one. He has set himself the challenge of running the Brussels Marathon with 6 concerts in 2 days, most of them being secret and full of surprises. The finish will be at L’Archiduc, where he will perform part of his repertoire, including songs from his solo album « Les Faubourgs de l’Exil », a pure marvel.

Arielle Dombasle will be the « guest star » for a few light music titles that the two artists deliberately make dark, striving to make them evolve with each appearance on stage. Together or separately, their leitmotif is to avoid boredom and routine. When they perform, anything is possible, especially the improbable!