Steven Brown Trio (Tuxedomoon)

Round About Five – 23 June 2024 at 5pm

L’Archiduc vibrated to the sounds of avant-garde legend Steven Brown Trio ! 🎷🎵 Steven Brown, Luc van Lieshout and Benjamin Glibert
The Tuxedomoon co-founder delivered an unforgettable performance, blending post-punk, electronics, and jazz in our iconic Art Deco setting.
From San Francisco to Brussels, Steven’s musical journey has spanned decades and continents. We were honored to host this pioneer of experimental music.
Thanks to all who joined us for this extraordinary night!

Born in Illinois, Steven Brown moved to San Francisco in the mid ‘70s, where he founded Tuxedomoon with Blaine L.Reininger. The band recorded two emblematic albums for The Residents’ label Ralph Records, then left the toxic atmosphere of Ronald Reagan’s America in the early 1980s, wandered around Europe, and settled in Brussels for twelve years. 13 more Tuxedomoon albums followed, as well as numerous tours that took Tuxedomoon around the globe. Thanks to their ability to crystallize a certain dark and romantic zeitgeist, and the originality of their music (which incorporated and transcended post-punk, rock, electronics, minimal music, classical, jazz, Gypsy music and more, Tuxedomoon quickly became one of the most influential bands of the decade.

Meanwhile, Steven Brown developed a career as a solo artist: he released over twenty albums under his name (including his collaborations with Blaine Reininger and with Benjamin Lew), and formed several bands after moving to Mexico in 1993: Nine Rain (with whom he recorded seven albums), Ensemble Kafka, and Cinema Domingo Orchestra. Steven has regularly composed music for films, theatre, dance and fashion shows: his and Tuxedomoon’s music appeared in works by Maurice Béjart, Thierry Smits, Wim Wenders, Patrice Chéreau and many more.

In his new live set, Steven Brown performs intimate concerts centered around songs from his brand-new album on Crammed Discs, as well as music from his previous solo albums (Brown Reads Keats, Brown Plays Tenco, Half Out), and some songs from the repertoire of Tuxedomoon, the legendary cult band he co-founded at the end of the seventies.

Photos by Bureau Image – Anne Sevellec